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Uncover the secrets of Spider-Man’s suit! It turned out that his perfect muscles were all supported by this dress

I am a girl who likes Marvel movies as much as you! What are the requirements for Ya’ao to become a superhero? If you ask me this question, maybe my first reaction is not to be handsome and talented, but to have strong muscles, comparable to that of a bodybuilder! Because from the earliest Superman comics, what we saw in the tree was a muscular superhero image wearing tights!

Uncover the secrets of Spider-Man's suit

Among Marvel ’s superheroes, there are also a few with developed muscles and bodybuilding, such as Thor Chris Hemsworth, Captain America Chris Evans, even Black Panther and Ant-Man, Iron Man Tony Stark in order to play the role of a good superhero, they go to the gym to increase muscles crazy! Today we are talking about an extremely popular hero-Spider-Man!

Counting three generations of Spider-Man, actors Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland to play the super-popular hero role of Spider-Man, almost all will be crazy fitness and muscle gain! Especially the first generation of Spider-Man Toby Maguire, who has developed a tendon for Spider-Man, in “Spider-Man 1” we also saw his fitness results from the mirror!

Although the actors are struggling to exercise, the average person ’s body still has no way to restore the muscle explosion heroes in the comics, except for perverted fitness enthusiasts like Hammer Brothers and the US team. Spiderman in clothes seems to have pretty muscles, what’s the matter? Is there any magic in superhero tights?

In fact, there are secret organs in the tights of many masked superheroes! There are special materials inside these clothes to simulate perfect muscle lines! For example, our superhero Spider-Man, our Superman, and the old Batman, their suits have muscle bonus effects!

Uncover the secrets of Spider-Man's suit

In order to explore the secrets of the superhero suit, a little brother abroad perfectly restored the Toby Maguire version of Spider-man suits, and by the way revealed the secret behind Spiderman’s good figure! In the video he shot, we saw that this little brother did not directly put on the Spider-Man’s suit, but wore a plastic suit with a muscle model inside, what is the pectoral abdominal muscles, biceps Can become much bigger! Then put on Spider-Man’s suit, a muscle man Spider-Man appeared!

Such a suit cannot be worn by yourself, and needs to be adjusted continuously, and wearing this suit will have some restrictions on the actor’s movement range. Some big movements will definitely not be able to be done. After this little brother wearing it, I ran to the children and everyone thought he was a real Spider-Man!

In fact, among all superheroes, the US team, Thor and Uncle Wolf ’s muscles are the most real. Uncle Wolf Hugh Jackman quit his favorite sweets for his body. Raytheon Chris Hemsworth insists on Raytheon training day after day. Chris Evans of the US team asked for exercise methods everywhere, it seems that it is not so easy to become a superhero actor!

But as long as the little brother ’s muscle suit in the video, I believe even ordinary people like us can become superheroes! At least it looks like a superhero. If you were to wear this muscular plastic dress, which superhero would you want to cosplay? Come and share your answer!

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